3,000 Schools Participate in Read To Them Programs

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1 Million+ Families

1.25 million families have participated in Read to Them's family literacy programs.

3,000 Schools

3,000 schools celebrate the joy of reading as a community.

48 States

Read to Them is in 48 states and 6 Canadian Provinces as well as 4 U.S. Army bases overseas.

175 Books

Read to Them's ever growing catalog boasts over 175 different titles in four categories - and in Spanish!

9 Programs

Read to Them programs ensure that students, families, and communities share the joy of reading together.

Read to Them Enhances


Read to Them Enhances



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Why We Love Books

Staff Discuss Their Favorite Books
Staff Discuss Their Favorite Books

Why We Love Books

"It has spread across our community, our School Board gets involved, our Board of Supervisors take part. ODOB [One District, One Book] has been a great source of building support for our school division as a whole which is a key to our success."

Clint Staples

Superintendent of Northumberland County Public Schools