• “Everybody got a chance to read. Some people don’t have Moms and Dads to read to them or they don’t know how to read. This gave them a chance to have a book.”

    – 3rd Grade Student

  • “We LOVE this book. As I read the book to her every night, I can see all of the suspense and emotion cross her forehead as we read what happens next! She always asks questions if she doesn’t understand something.”


  • “I forgot how much I loved reading with my family.”


  • “The whole school got real (new) words in their brain. Hard words we learned from the story. That made me happy.”

    -3rd Grade Student

  • “My son and I really enjoyed reading about the adventures of Humphrey. We’re both sad we reached the end. There are several Humphrey books now on his Christmas list. It was something we did as a family every night – and loved.”


  • “I liked when I got my very own book and my family read together. I liked the Humphrey book because my family laughed together when we read.”

    -1st Grade Student

  • “The conversations, family jokes, and time for inferential thinking and discussion brings our family together.”

    -Danielle, Parent

  • “I enjoyed reading. I learned lots of new words in our first book.”

    -2nd Grade Student

  • “We turn the TV off when we’re reading this book, it is that good.”

    -Rosa, Parent

  • “It is a great experience. It has taught me if you don’t love anyone you aren’t going to get the respect you deserve. My dad likes it too.”

    -3rd Grade Student

  • “I wouldn’t change a thing. I think our daughters program has helped to develop our daughter’s desire and ability to read.”


  • “We enjoyed reading My Father’s Dragon because it gave us time to sit down and read a book together for an hour while not being glued to a game or the TV.”


"The Marine military mentality is to work together for each mission. Every individual is important to the mission. They (kids) are taught to be respectful and hard working. Families are felt to be part of the mission as well, as they make sacrifices also. Kids are told they are serving our country when their parent has to deploy and be separated from the family. So, having the whole school on a military base participate in reading the same book, was further practice in working together for a single mission."

Marti Fisk

Reading Specialist at Killin Elementary School, Japan