• First, we’re having a GREAT time with the One School-One Book program…. Getting “thank you” notes from parents already about how it’s “forcing” some family reading time that they seemed to have lost over the years.
    — Paul Marinko - Principal at St. Paul's Lutheran School - Fort Wayne, IN
  • Since last spring, our entire school has excitedly embraced the One School, One Book Program. We will soon begin our spring selection: A Cricket in Times Square -- the third book we've adopted since the spring of 2010!

    We are so thrilled with the positive impact this program has had on our students, families, and staff
    — Laurie LaRue - First Grade Teacher at Edgewood School - Bristol, CT
  • I think the OSOB program is brilliant. My seven year-old attends Orleans Elementary in Massachusetts and they (we) are reading Masterpiece. Since the grades levels range from one to five at this school, finding a book to suit all is difficult. My daughter can follow the big picture somewhat but we have to reinforce what we’ve read because it’s a lot to take in for her.
    — Glenn Krzeminski - Parent of student at Orleans Elementary - Orleans, MA
  • The One District, One Book program promoted by Read To Them...is a powerful way to systemically address and promote a culture of literacy throughout the entire school system.

    My school actually adopted a hamster and even used it as “pet therapy” for many of the behaviorally challenged children in our school.
    — Kenny Moles of West Virginia

Trivia Bank

1. Lucy Looks into a Wardrobe What is the name of the house-keeper at the Professor’s house in the countryside? A: Mrs. Macready Why do the children choose to explore the house the first day, instead of going outside? A: Because it is raining Who says, “This must be a simply enormous wardrobe!”? A: Lucy When Lucy sees snows under her feet in the wardrobe, she first thinks it is…what? A: mothballs When Lucy enters the wardrobe, she eventually sees a light ahead of her. What does it turn out to be? A: a lamp-post The creature who looks like a man from the waist up, but a goat from the waist down, turns out to be a…what? A: a faun 2. What Lucy Found There What is a “Daughter of Eve”? A: a girl Mr. Tumnus thinks Lucy comes from what country? A: Spare Oom And what city? A: War Drobe According to Mr. Tumnus, you can have your wishes granted if you can catch the…the what? A: the white stag Why does Mr. Tumnus start to cry? Why does he say he is “a bad faun”? A: Because he’s working for the White Witch. He lured Lucy to tea so she could catch her. What does Lucy give Mr. Tumnus as a keepsake of her brief time w/ him? A: her handkerchief 3. Edmund and the Wardrobe Who follows Lucy into the wardrobe the second time? A: Edmund Who pulls the White Witch’s sledge? A: two white reindeer Whose face is “white like snow, or paper, or icing sugar”? A: the White Witch * 10. What Happened about the Statues How does Aslan awaken the statues in the Witch’s courtyard? A: he breathes on them “The courtyard no longer looked like a museum; it looked like a….what?” A: a zoo Who is Lucy most pleased to see freed or re-animated (come to life)? A: Mr. Tumnus, the faun What is the name to the giant Aslan frees? A: Rumblebuffin  When Aslan returns w/ his army he finds Peter (and his army) fighting the White Witch. She is not fighting w/ her wand, but w/ her…what? A: stone knife 11. The Hunting of the White Stag Who broke the Witch’s wand? A: Edmund! When they get to Cair Paravel, what do they hear? A: seagulls! Who says (of Aslan), “He’s wild you know. Not like a tame lion!”? A: Mr. Beaver While serving as Kings and Queens of Narnia, what kind of creatures did the Pevensies occasionally have to hunt? A: werewolves and hags (and fierce giants) Peter became known as… A: Peter the Magnificent Susan became known as… A: Susan the Gentle Edmund became known as… A: Edmund the Just Lucy became knowns as… A: Lucy the Valiant What do the children see when they are hunting the White Stag? A: the lamppost Who says, “this lamp on the post worketh upon me strangely; It runs in my mind that I have seen the like before, as it were in a dream, or the dream of a dream”? A: Edmund Who says, “Once a King in Narnia, always a King in Narnia”? A: the Professor

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