• First, we’re having a GREAT time with the One School-One Book program…. Getting “thank you” notes from parents already about how it’s “forcing” some family reading time that they seemed to have lost over the years.
    — Paul Marinko - Principal at St. Paul's Lutheran School - Fort Wayne, IN
  • Since last spring, our entire school has excitedly embraced the One School, One Book Program. We will soon begin our spring selection: A Cricket in Times Square -- the third book we've adopted since the spring of 2010!

    We are so thrilled with the positive impact this program has had on our students, families, and staff
    — Laurie LaRue - First Grade Teacher at Edgewood School - Bristol, CT
  • I think the OSOB program is brilliant. My seven year-old attends Orleans Elementary in Massachusetts and they (we) are reading Masterpiece. Since the grades levels range from one to five at this school, finding a book to suit all is difficult. My daughter can follow the big picture somewhat but we have to reinforce what we’ve read because it’s a lot to take in for her.
    — Glenn Krzeminski - Parent of student at Orleans Elementary - Orleans, MA
  • The One District, One Book program promoted by Read To Them...is a powerful way to systemically address and promote a culture of literacy throughout the entire school system.

    My school actually adopted a hamster and even used it as “pet therapy” for many of the behaviorally challenged children in our school.
    — Kenny Moles of West Virginia

Trivia Bank

One How old is Karana? A: Twelve. How old is her brother, Ramo? A: Six. What is the “gull w/ folded wings” to which she refers? A: A ship. What does Ramo describe as “a flat stone w/out any scratches?” A: The ocean. What color were the sails of the ship that approaches Karana’s island? A: Red The men who row the boat ashore are from what tribe? A: They are Aleuts. (From the Aleutian Islands.) What country is Captain Orlov from? A: Russia “If people use your secret name, it becomes worn out and loses its magic.” Karana’s secret name is Won-a-pa-lei. What does it mean? A: Girl with the Long Black Hair. Why does Captain Orlov come to the Island of the Blue Dolphins? A: To hunt otter – for their pelts. What is the name of Karana’s island? A: Island of the Blue Dolphins.   Two What does Karana’s island look like? What is its shape? A: It looks like a dolphin. Why are the hills on Karana’s island “polished smooth” and the trees all “small and twisted?” A: Because of the wind. What kind of fish does Karana’s sister – Ulape – find on the beach in the cove? A: Large white bass.   Three Where do the Aleuts hunt for the otter? A: In the kelp beds. Why doesn’t Karana like the Aleuts to hunt the otter? A: Otters are friendly and playful. How do Karana and her father know that Captain Orlov is ready to leave? A: When Captain Orlov trims his beard. * Twenty-Seven What the heck happened in Chapter 27?
A: Tidal waves? Earthquake? Typhoon? What does Karana describe as “as if great spears were breaking in battle?”
A: Two mighty waves crashing into each other.   Twenty-Eight So, what the heck did happen in Chapter 27?
A: Karana says it was an earthquake. What is Karana working on when she sees her next ship? A: Repairing her canoe. Why does Karana try go to the man from the new ship?
A: She wants to be “where people lived – to hear their voices and their laughter.”   Twenty-Nine When the ship comes back again, Karana prepares to meet it. She puts on her otter cape. And her cormorant skirt. And her black necklace. What does she put on her face?
A: A mark across her nose made of blue clay. The mark of her tribe. What sound does Karana eventually realize is not only “sweet” – but “there is no sound like it in all the world?”
A: The strange sound of the human voice. What do the men try to make for Karana before they leave? A: A dress made out of denim. Where does Karana go w/ the white men on their ship?
A: Mission Santa Barbara (on the California mainland).  

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