• First, we’re having a GREAT time with the One School-One Book program…. Getting “thank you” notes from parents already about how it’s “forcing” some family reading time that they seemed to have lost over the years.
    — Paul Marinko - Principal at St. Paul's Lutheran School - Fort Wayne, IN
  • Since last spring, our entire school has excitedly embraced the One School, One Book Program. We will soon begin our spring selection: A Cricket in Times Square -- the third book we've adopted since the spring of 2010!

    We are so thrilled with the positive impact this program has had on our students, families, and staff
    — Laurie LaRue - First Grade Teacher at Edgewood School - Bristol, CT
  • I think the OSOB program is brilliant. My seven year-old attends Orleans Elementary in Massachusetts and they (we) are reading Masterpiece. Since the grades levels range from one to five at this school, finding a book to suit all is difficult. My daughter can follow the big picture somewhat but we have to reinforce what we’ve read because it’s a lot to take in for her.
    — Glenn Krzeminski - Parent of student at Orleans Elementary - Orleans, MA
  • The One District, One Book program promoted by Read To Them...is a powerful way to systemically address and promote a culture of literacy throughout the entire school system.

    My school actually adopted a hamster and even used it as “pet therapy” for many of the behaviorally challenged children in our school.
    — Kenny Moles of West Virginia

Trivia Bank


What is the name of Bud’s best friend at the group home (orphanage)?
A: Jerry Clark

When the story opens, how many foster homes has Buddy already been to?
A: two previous foster homes

According to Bud, at what age do you need to start thinking like an adult?
A: Six years old

Where does Bud keep his things (his personal possessions)?
A: in an old cardboard suitcase

According to the picture in the blue flyer, what instrument does Bud’s potential father – Herman E. Calloway – play?
A: a giant fiddle


According to Bud’s Rules and Things for Having a Funner Life and Making a Better Liar Out of Yourself, “If you need to tell a lie, make sure of what??”
A: Make sure it’s simple and easy to remember

What kind of pencil did Todd Amos stick up Bud’s nose?
A: a Ticonderoga

How old is Todd Amos?
A: Twelve

What kinds of animals does Todd warn Buddy are in the shed?
A: vampire bats, spiders, centipedes



What does Herman E. Calloway have in the glove compartment of his Packard?
A: a collection of perfect throwing rocks – w/ writing (places and dates) on them

What was the name of Bud’s mother?
A: Angela Janet Caldwell


How old was Bud when his mother died?
A: Six years old.

When Bud went back to his room to get the picture of his mother, he found Herman E. Calloway there. What was he doing?
A: Herman E. Calloway was crying.

What does Miss Thomas give Bud to keep?

A: Another picture of his mother.

When Bud’s mother was little, and her father was getting ready to play a show in Chicago, what did she ask him to bring back for her?
A: a “wock” – “ a wock from Chicago”

What did the Thug get for Bud at the pawnshop?
A: an alto saxophone

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