• First, we’re having a GREAT time with the One School-One Book program…. Getting “thank you” notes from parents already about how it’s “forcing” some family reading time that they seemed to have lost over the years.
    — Paul Marinko - Principal at St. Paul's Lutheran School - Fort Wayne, IN
  • Since last spring, our entire school has excitedly embraced the One School, One Book Program. We will soon begin our spring selection: A Cricket in Times Square -- the third book we've adopted since the spring of 2010!

    We are so thrilled with the positive impact this program has had on our students, families, and staff
    — Laurie LaRue - First Grade Teacher at Edgewood School - Bristol, CT
  • I think the OSOB program is brilliant. My seven year-old attends Orleans Elementary in Massachusetts and they (we) are reading Masterpiece. Since the grades levels range from one to five at this school, finding a book to suit all is difficult. My daughter can follow the big picture somewhat but we have to reinforce what we’ve read because it’s a lot to take in for her.
    — Glenn Krzeminski - Parent of student at Orleans Elementary - Orleans, MA
  • The One District, One Book program promoted by Read To Them...is a powerful way to systemically address and promote a culture of literacy throughout the entire school system.

    My school actually adopted a hamster and even used it as “pet therapy” for many of the behaviorally challenged children in our school.
    — Kenny Moles of West Virginia

In The News

Watertown New York named RTT’s 2015 Model District

WT pic copy

Congratulations to Watertown, N.Y., Read to Them’s 2015 District of the Year.  We salute Watertown for pioneering and implementing One District, One Book on the ‘Year Round Reader’ model.  Under the leadership of Assistant Superintendent, Mary Margaret-Zehr, Watertown has created a culture of literacy for its 2,500 elementary and middle school families. 

With the support of her Superintendent, Terry Fralick, Watertown’s five elementary schools and one middle school read two books in 2014 – Betty Birney’s The World According to Humphrey and Jean Craighead George’s My Side of the Mountain.  Then in 2015 Watertown went all the way and read and shared three titles with their families over the course of the entire school year – Andrew Clements’ Frindle; Betty Birney’s Humphrey sequel, Friendship According to Humphrey; and R. J. Palacio’s miraculous middle school tweener title, Wonder.

The impact of this level of saturation can be seen and heard everywhere in Watertown. Zehr made sure that all local media and social media were well aware of the One District, One Book initiative.  She appeared on numerous radio and TV interviews.  Watertown’s six participating schools were each decked out in their own fashion – anticipating the arrival of Humphrey the hamster; drumming up curiosity and mystery and enthusiasm for each new title; and sharing in-school and in-class activities designed by Read to Them and implementing them with each school’s own special spin.

Watertown received an educational grant from the Cornell Continuing School of Education to serve their military population from nearby Fort Drum, and held a family literacy night to celebrate their titles that shocked all with its attendance and impact.  Superintendent Terry Fralick called it “the most successful school community event in recent memory.”

Zehr also went beyond the call of duty to create enthusiasm and awareness for their family literacy effort by recruiting a guest star from the X-Men films as well as both the U.S. Secretary of the Army and the N.Y. Commissioner for Education to read sample chapters.

Zehr herself reports, “We know of no other program as effective as Read to Them at developing literacy in elementary and middle schools. Students want more and more and more books.”

It is for all these reasons – their ambition; their thorough engagement and implementation with multiple titles; their use of so many forms of promotion and documentation, implemented city-wide and within each school; and the obvious results and effects, in the city, in each school, and in all those families and homes – that Read to Them is proud to announce Watertown, N.Y. as its Year Round Reader standard-bearer and its 2015 One District, One Book District of the Year.

Take a bow MMZ and Watertown!

J.C. Sawyer named RTT’s 2015 Model School

JC sawyer

What can happen when you wear a lemon suit?

Read to Them® is proud to name J.C. Sawyer Elementary School in Elizabeth City, N.C. as our 2015 One School, One Book™ School of the Year.
J.C. Sawyer’s principal, Chris Paullet, quickly realized that he wanted to bring family literacy to his students and families in a big way.  In 2014 J.C. Sawyer’s families read The World According to Humphrey.  Humphrey hit J.C. Sawyer’s sweet spot and Paullet realized that to really bring the long-term habits and benefits of family literacy to his entire school, J.C. Sawyer wanted/needed to read three books together over the course of the school year.  That’s what they did in 2014-2015 – reading The Lemonade WarKenny & the Dragon, and a Humphrey sequel, Summer According to Humphrey.
To promote The Lemonade War, Principal Paullet wore a lemonade suit as part of an elaborate skit featuring dueling lemonade stands provided by Read to Them.  Paullet’s suit was a big hit, but The Lemonade War had an even bigger impact. Paullet and his team crowed about the effect reading a succession of books together had on his families and his school.  He reports that students and families have jumped over each other trying to get copies of the sequels.  (Establishing the habit of reading aloud together? Check!)  He even noticed that J.C. Sawyer’s tardy rates decrease during a One School, One Book month because students want to get to school on time to be able to answer daily trivia questions and win prizes.  (Effect on family involvement? Check!  Effect on student enthusiasm and attendance? Check!)
Naturally J.C. Sawyer is making plans to read three titles again in 2015-2016.  Paullet has already presented his experience, enthusiasm, and the effects of One School, One Book to educators in North Carolina and Read to Them is optimistic that his own experience and influence will spread to schools in Elizabeth City and beyond.
For J.C. Sawyer’s thorough embrace of One School, One Book; for its dramatic and successful impact on J.C. Sawyer’s families and reading habits; and for Paullet’s willingness to spread the whys and hows of family literacy beyond his school – J.C. Sawyer is Read to Them’s 2015 One School, One Book School of the Year.
And it’s all because of a lemon suit!

Summer 2015 Newsletter Released!

rtt-newsletter-summer-15Read to Them® is happy to announce that the late Summer 2015 newsletter has been released! Inside you’ll find out details about how one school unleashed its creativity while participating in One School, One Book™, a spotlight on author Jacqueline Davies, how Read to Them® offers a great Title I solution, and what Twitter has been saying about Read to Them®.  Check out the newsletter now!


Survey Reinforces Value Of Parents Reading with Children

ReadAloud_info-2Scholastic recently performed a survey showing the positive effects of parents reading with children. Click here to read our summary of the report (which includes a direct link to the report).

Click here to read the report summary

Texas Reads featured in Literacy Today

Texas Reads One BookThe Texas Reads One Book initiative was recently featured in Literacy Daily, an online journal sponsored by the International Literacy Association.

The article, by John Micklos, Jr., includes a surplus of great information about the program, including the kickoff event starring Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett reading the first chapter of The World According to Humphrey.

Click here to read the entire article

The Next Big Hit: “Ivan” by Perry Hill Elementary in Shelton, CT!!!

Watch out American Idol!  Perry Hill Elementary 5th graders in Shelton, Connecticut revamped a classic using The One and Only Ivan as inspiration.  Take a listen and be sure to follow along with the lyrics below…


“Let It Be” – IVAN – Rewrite by: Lori M. Lisi

When I find myself in times of trouble
My friend, Stella comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, “Set them free.”
And in my hour of darkness
She is standing right in front of me
Speaking words of wisdom, “Set them free.”

Set them free, Set them free
Set them free, Set them free
Ivan and Ruby . . . Set them free

And when the One and Only Ivan
Living in the Mall agrees
There will be an answer, Set them free
For though Stella departed
There is still a chance that they will see
There will be an answer, “Set them free.”

Set them free, Set them free
Set them free, Set them free
Ivan and Ruby . . . Set them free

Set them free, Set them free
Set them free, Set them free
Ivan and Ruby . . . Set them free


Set them free, Set them free
Set them free, Set them free
Ivan and Ruby . . . Set them free

And when the billboard’s finished
There is still a chance that they will see
Go to “Zoo Atlanta” let it be

I wake up to the shouts of children,
Running through the zoo to see
Ivan and Ruby . . . We are free

Climb the trees, Feel the breeze
Hear the hum of bumblebees
Ivan and Ruby . . . we are free

Kinyani watches me
Silverback I’m meant to be
Ivan and Ruby . . . we are free

It’s a zoo, It’s not free
But it’s all the free we need,
Ivan and Ruby . . . happily


Late Spring 2015 Newsletter Released!

rtt-newsletter-spring-15Read to Them is happy to announce that the late Spring 2015 newsletter has been released!  Inside you’ll find out details about Read to Them‘s One District, One Book program is strengthening communities and ways to connect with Read to Them via social media.  Check out the newsletter now!


Highland Park Independent School District in the news!

Here’s a video of Bradfield fourth-grader Charlya Grace Williams and Armstrong Library Media Specialist Lori Riley describing the experience of reading aloud as a community! Says Lori:

“I’ve seen the excitement for reading just spread throughout the community. I love how it’s like a giant book club with 1,300 members!”

Original Source: Bookworms: One town, one book

Spring 2015 Newsletter Released!

Read to Them is happy to announce that the Spring 2015 newsletter has been released! Inside you’ll find out details about Read to Them‘s new partnership with AASA, spotlights on how some schools are promoting literacy using One School, One Book, and some of our newest book titles.  Check out the newsletter now!


J.C. Sawyer Elementary School in Elizabeth City, North Carolina

The Lemonade War is the first of three books they’ll be reading together – at home and at school – this school year.


Beaverdam kicks off Literacy Night 2014 with a big adventure!!!



Take a minute to check out the spectacular slideshow Beaverdam put together to illustrate the importance of literacy.

Also don’t forget to take the OSOB Parent Survey they put together as well!

Monrovia Elementary has the Golden Ticket!

Monrovia Elementary just finished their first One School, One Book.  Marianne Berlin had this to say:

We just finished our first One School, One Book.  Oh my, movie night was over 550 people for the showing of the Willy Wonka movie 1971 version.  This was the most successful reading program we have attempted as a whole school.  The parents are extremely complimentary and anxious for more whole school reading! These pictures our from our movie night, our kick-off supper, and “Willy Wonka” passing out candy to all students.  That’s actually me!

Edward C. Killin kicks off The Lemonade War with some laughs!

Edward C. Killin Elementary has just started reading The Lemonade War. At their opening assembly they sang the school song, read a chapter aloud, had a flash mob to “Gotta Keep Reading”, and even performed this sprightly, chuckling skit.

OSOB Mystery Reader at Bradfield Elementary in Highland Park, Texas: Dallas Cowboys Head Coach, Jason Garrett

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett reads the last chapter of The Cricket in Times Square in at Bradfield E.S. Highland Park, TX.

Original Source:  http://t.co/bcyNM80Xh4
Bradfield Elementary’s Website:  http://bradfieldoneschoolonebook.weebly.com/

South E.S. in Madison, OH is reading Beverly Cleary’s The Mouse and the Motorcycle

South E.S. in Madison, OH is reading Beverly Cleary’s The Mouse and the Motorcycle.  Check out this quick vid and listen to the students as the books are delivered…by motorcycle!

One District, One Book in Watertown, N.Y.


Listen to Mary-Margaret Zehr and Patti La Barr explain how Watertown, N.Y. has embraced One District, One Book.  Three books.  Six schools.  2500 families.  You can read one of several articles here, and explore more media resources – radio and TV interviews, newspapers articles, and a slideshow – here.

Spring 2014 Newsletter

rtt-newsletter-spring-14Read to Them is happy to announce that the Spring 2014 Newsletter has been released! Inside you’ll find information on how one school is using Title I funds to ensure annual participation in One District, One Book, the positive effects of family literacy, and how One School, One Book received a shout out on one of America’s favorite talk shows! Check out the newsletter now!

DFS Reads!


DFS chronicles their journey as the entire school reads The Cricket in Times Square by George Selden. Check out the website they’ve created that highlights their OSOB activities such as the “Dolphin Idol” assembly.


The Lemonade War Now Available in Spanish

LemonadeWarInSpanishRead to Them is proud to announce that one of our most popular books, The Lemonade War, by Jacqueline Davies, is now available in Spanish.

Timmons Elementary School

timmons-esTimmons Elementary School from Chagrin Falls, Ohio finishes their One School, One Book program with Poppy by Avi. Check out all the great work they’ve done on their Timmons E.S. OSOB webpage.

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