Because of Mr. Terupt

by Rob Buyea (2010)

Rob Buyea’s debut novel, Because of Mr. Terupt, features seven students – each with their own unique quirks and personalities – and their first time rookie teacher, the innovative Mr. Terupt.

The narration passes back and forth between the students – Peter, the class clown; Jessica, the new girl; Luke, the brainiac; Alexia, the manipulator; Jeffrey, the slacker; Danielle, the pushover; and Anna, the introvert – as they tell the tale of their fifth grade year at Snow Hill School. Each of them are quick to put Mr. Terupt and one another to the test. While the students themselves seem to be bothered by one another, Mr. Terupt is unfazed.

Among the chaos, Mr. Terupt simply instructs, and somehow, while teaching his unique brand of science and math, he also teaches his students life lessons that impact each of their lives – lessons that last beyond the classroom.

When faced with an unexpected challenge, his students – who begin the year as far apart as they possibly can be – eventually come together as they remember to apply the lessons imparted by their teacher. In the end, it is clear that their lives are indelibly marked because of Mr. Terupt.

We’re sure that this tweener title will be fun and engaging for older elementary and middle school students – and their teachers. And who knows – maybe Mr. Terupt will impart some of his unique life lessons onto you and your students as well!

"The Pointe is a day treatment facility in Little Rock where students receive a quality education and the therapeutic services they need. All students – no matter the grade level or home school district – participated. Teachers were thrilled with the prepared lesson plans and cross-curriculum opportunities. LRSD students would not miss the opportunity to participate even though they were not at their home schools. This project certainly reached beyond the typical school building."

Janice Lehmann

Coordinator of Alternative Agencies for Little Rock School District