Read to Them® is a 501 C (3) non-profit organization promoting family literacy. Our mission is to create a culture of literacy in every home.

We do this by helping schools implement our One School, One Book® and One District, One Book® programs. Our programs encourage and enable reading together at home by providing every school with tools, resources, guidance, and support.

Read to Them educates families and schools on the benefits and importance of reading aloud at home. A growing body of research describes the complex and permanent effects of reading aloud. Children who are read to learn to read more easily and become better readers. Literacy skills provide the basis for a lifetime of learning and productivity.

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For all inquiries about Read to Them® programs please send an e-mail to

You’ll receive a speedy and informative reply from the appropriate Read to Them® staff member who can help you establish a community of readers in your school or district and a culture of literacy among all your families.

Where to Find Us

Read to Them®
2201 West Broad Street, Suite 206
Richmond, VA 23220

phone: (804) 367.3195
fax: (804) 367.3434

Meet Our Staff

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John Dwyer
John Dwyer, Executive Director

John Dwyer brings a wealth of experience in administration, business, and marketing. He has previous experience in Quality Assurance in both metropolitan and rural health care. Additionally, he worked in real estate development in an administrative capacity. His experience brings Read to Them the skills necessary to facilitate its organizational growth.

Bruce Coffey
Bruce Coffey, Director of Programs

Bruce Coffey has an M.A. in Colonial American History and has taught history in high school. After aggressively reading to his own children and sharing and discussing anecdotes and tips and insights with other parents and educators, he developed the One School, One Book program, whose growth he has spearheaded and supervised. He has developed a wealth of reading aloud resources and materials for parents, teachers, and schools. He has shared his insights on reading aloud via his well-received workshops and blog for the last twelve years.

Gary Anderson
Gary Anderson, Founder

Gary Anderson worked as a school psychologist for over 30 years, personally witnessing children losing interest in school in 3rd grade due to their lack of reading skills (something he terms “the third grade slide-out”), before founding not one, but two non-profit organizations promoting the benefits of reading aloud: Read Aloud Virginia and Read to Them. He developed the One District, One Book program, whose growth he spearheads and supervises.

Chris Dudley
Chris Dudley, Programs Coordinator

Chris Dudley has over a decade of experience in the field of youth development serving elementary, middle and high school youth with extracurricular programming. At Read to Them, he facilitates delivery of programs and services to partner schools across the country.

Cathy Mitchell Plageman
Cathy Mitchell Plageman, Program Director

A former Fairfax County, VA first grade classroom teacher, Cathy earned her B.A. in Economics from Duke University, her M.Ed. from Marymount University (Arlington), and is Reading Recovery and Orton-Gillingham trained. She has also been a classroom teacher with “Young Scientists” providing elementary school science lessons. She works with schools assisting in the implementation of Read to Them programs. She lives in her native Richmond with her 3 teenage daughters. In her spare time, Cathy enjoys reading, tennis, Bikram yoga, travel, and beekeeping.

Maia Kling
Maia Kling, Research Director and ELL Liaison

A career educator with a passion for learning and equipping others, Maia brings a wealth of academic training, global perspectives, and targeted expertise to her roles at Read to Them. Maia’s work has spanned more than 40 years, taking her from mountain villages in Mexico, to refugee resettlements in the U.S., TCK communities in Europe, and university and high school classrooms in the U.S. Maia holds her Ph.D. from George Mason University, her Ed.M. from Harvard University, post-graduate certificates from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and the Universitat de Barcelona, and her B.A. from Smith College. She loves children, art, music, and fun.

Anne Curry
Anne Curry, OSOB Program Coordinator

Anne taught Pre-K in and out of the public school system for over 15 years and knows how important family involvement is in a child’s academic success. As a Read to Them Program Coordinator, she is excited to help schools find an effective parent involvement tool. Anne demonstrated her love of reading at an early age by reading the entire Nancy Drew series before fifth grade. She lives in Richmond with her husband and has 2 daughters, a dog and a very odd cat.

Deanna Brown
Deanna Brown, OSOB Program Coordinator

Deanna earned her B.A. in Psychology from Hawaii Pacific University. She is a lifelong volunteer with non-profit and also military organizations. Deanna has been a Girl Scout Troop Leader for over 6 years and loves teaching girls as well as learning from them. Deanna shares her passion for reading with her daughter and is excited to bring the love of family reading to schools and communities across the country. She lives in Hanover, VA with her husband and daughter in addition to her own personal mini animal farm.

Garnette Ransone
Garnette Ransone, Book Team

Garnette Ransone is currently a student at VCU, working on a Bachelor's Degree in English. She has been working with Read to Them since September of 2015. At Read to Them she works on creating book packets and helping to choose new books for the program. After graduation, she hopes to teach English at the high school level.

TaLees Owens
TaLees Owens, Program Research Assistant

TaLees studied English at Virginia Commonwealth University and has worked with Read to Them since January of 2017. She hopes to gain her Masters in Public Administration, and enjoys working in a nonprofit setting that focuses on education and reading.

Emily Gerber
Emily Gerber, Intern

Emily is a Creative Advertising and English double major at Virginia Commonwealth University. At Read to Them, she handles social media accounts, website content, document design, and produces creative content for book packets. She is thrilled to be working at a place that loves the magic of a good story as much as she does.

Ashley Gates
Ashley Gates, Accounts

Ashley Gates comes to Read to Them with more than fifteen years of local business financing experience supporting businesses that hold a meaningful purpose to her. Ashley received a bachelor's degree in psychology from Brigham Young University. She enjoys watching the love of reading grow, especially in each of her five children. At Read to Them, Ashley is in charge of finances and accounts.

Carly Moulis
Carly Moulis, Intern

Carly is an undergraduate student at Virginia Commonwealth University. She is working on a major in Psychology and a minor in Nonprofit Administration and Management. At Read to Them, she works on social media, design, and preparing materials for our schools.

Jensen Wainwright
Jensen Wainwright, Intern

Jensen Wainwright studies Anthropology at Virginia Commonwealth University where she focuses on human behavior and cultural ecology. At Read to Them, Jensen manages social media and works on design and layout of documents. She enjoys working at a non profit that promotes a culture of reading.

Unity Bowling
Unity Bowling, RFLI Intern

Unity is a Chemistry and Environmental Studies double major at Randolph-Macon College. After 10 years volunteering in the literacy realm, she recognized that passion by adding English Literature as one of her minors. Having volunteered with Read To Them for four years before becoming an intern, she now specializes in planning and executing programs for the Richmond Family Literacy Initiative. When not working or studying, she enjoys curling up with her cat on her porch swing and getting lost in a good book.

Rebecca DeCamp
Rebecca DeCamp, Winter Intern

Rebecca DeCamp is currently working on a Bachelor's degree in Social Work at Virginia Commonwealth University. At Read to Them she loves being able to help cultivate a passion for reading in children all over the country. Between working and studying, she enjoys spending time with her family and finding the next adventure.

Mathilda Pflaeging
Mathilda Pflaeging, Intern

Mathilda is a freshman at North Carolina State University.

Eileen Soiles
Eileen Soiles, Artist

Eileen Soiles has a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts. At Read to Them, she works in a variety of different media, and is responsible for various projects ranging from illustrations for book activities to video editing.