John Dwyer — Executive Director

John Dwyer brings a wealth of experience in administration, business, and marketing.  He has previous experience in Quality Assurance in both metropolitan and rural health care.  Additionally, he worked in real estate development in an administrative capacity. His experience brings Read to Them the skills necessary to facilitate its organizational growth.

Bruce Coffey — Director of Programs

Bruce Coffey has an M.A. in Colonial American History and has taught history in high school. After aggressively reading to his own children and sharing and discussing anecdotes and tips and insights with other parents and educators, he developed the One School, One Book program, whose growth he has spearheaded and supervised.  He has developed a wealth of reading aloud resources and materials for parents, teachers, and schools.  He has shared his insights on reading aloud via his well-received workshops and blog for the last twelve years.

Gary Anderson — Founder

Gary Anderson worked as a school psychologist for over 30 years, personally witnessing children losing interest in school in 3rd grade due to their lack of reading skills (something he terms “the third grade slide-out”), before founding not one, but two non-profit organizations promoting the benefits of reading aloud: Read Aloud Virginia and Read to Them. He developed the One District, One Book program, whose growth he spearheads and supervises.

Cathy Mitchell — Program Coordinator

A former Fairfax County, VA first grade classroom teacher, Cathy earned her B.A. in Economics from Duke University, her M.Ed. from Marymount University (Arlington), and is Reading Recovery and Orton-Gillingham trained. She has also been a classroom teacher with “Young Scientists” providing elementary school science lessons. She works with schools assisting in the implementation of Read to Them programs. She lives in her native Richmond with her 3 teenage daughters. In her spare time, Cathy enjoys reading, tennis, Bikram yoga, travel, and beekeeping.

Jake Seward — Information Technology

Jake has been a professional software developer for the last 13 years and his passion for programming extends back to his youth. He remembers scouring BBS’s, creating gaudy websites filled with animated GIFs of cheetahs in GeoCities, and the excitement of building his first program in BASIC. He helps with all things technology at Read to Them.

Thomas Mervenne — Social Marketing

After finishing his B.S. in Political Science, Tom pursued a Master of Fine Arts degree in Fiction Writing from Virginia Commonwealth University. He has taught writing, both composition and creative, at the collegiate level and has ran workshops in resume building, professional writing, and graphic design. At Read to Them he writes and designs the newsletter and helps with social networking.

Chris Dudley – Program Coordinator

Chris Dudley has over a decade of experience in the field of youth development serving elementary, middle and high school youth with extracurricular programming. At Read to Them, he facilitates delivery of programs and services to partner schools across the country.