Whittmore-Prescott Kicks Off Stuart Little

Whittmore-Prescott Elementary School in Whittemore, Michigan, kicked off their One School, One Book program with a bang!

Whittmore-Prescott will read Stuart Little by E.B. White over the next few weeks.

Stuart Little is the story of a mouse who lives with his adoptive human family in New York City. You can read all about it here!

It is great to see students, staff, and teachers get so excited about reading. The Principal, Lori Ruthruff, even rode around the gym as Stuart Little!

Check it all out below.


Winter 2018 Newsletter

Check out these highlights from our new Winter Newsletter.  Checking in at 8 pages it’s our biggest and best yet!


Newport School District in Newport, Pennsylvania hung a banner across Main Street.  They really got the whole community involved!


To make school more exciting after winter break, Murwood Elementary School in Walnut Creek, California carefully scheduled their OSOB program to get students pumped to read together again!


Betty Birney, author of The World According to Humphrey series, talks to us about her life, her work, and her passion for family literacy.


Learn more about the Richmond Family Literacy Initiative, a program founded by Read to Them to support literacy in Richmond’s underserved elementary schools.


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El Dorado Lemonade War Videos

Last March, every elementary school in El Dorado, Arkansas read The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies for their One District, One Book event.

Inspired by the story of Jesse and Evan Treski – and their duelling lemonade stands – El Dorado students created their own videos to showcase what they learned from the book. The videos feature original songs, dancing, news stories, and even a Lemonade vs. Limeade war!

Check out some of our favorites below…

(And consider inviting your students to make their own videos when your school does One School, One Book. Don’t forget to share them with us at Read to Them!)


An exciting and informative news story from Hugh Goodwin Elementary School!


Northwest Elementary School with a fabulous lemonade stand!


Students from Retta Brown Elementary School sing and dance The Lemonade War.

These students went above and beyond.  Way to go El Dorado School District!

You can watch the rest of the videos here.

Willy Wonka Comes to Thomas Jefferson Elementary School

Watch out for Willy Wonka! Thomas Jefferson Elementary School in Lakeland School District kicked off their One School, One Book program with an exciting new video!

The school will read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for their latest One School, One Book program.

The video showcases the students of Thomas Jefferson preforming The Candy Man, which appears in the original film adaptation of the book, Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. 

One student even dressed up as Willy Wonka to lead the pack of his peers!

Good luck with your reading, Thomas Jefferson Elementary! We look forward to hearing more from you about One School, One Book.

Check out the fun video below by clicking on the photo!

Students gather around Willy Wonka at the end of their promotional video for OSOB. 


Students begin the video by preforming in a hallway of the school.


Four girls preform part of the song together.


5 Preview Videos at Lewiston-Porter

Lewiston-Porter school district in Youngstown, New York is so excited for One District, One Book  they released five – count ’em, five! – preview videos!

Lewiston-Porter decided to choose between Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White and The Mouse and The Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary.

The school cast two dogs to play Wilbur from Charlotte’s Web, and Ralph from The Mouse and The Motorcycle. 

These dogs are reoccurring characters throughout the video, and star in the final, energetic, reveal video, where you finally learn their new One District, One Book title will be…The Mouse and The Motorcycle!

You can watch each of the five of the videos below!

We love the idea of creating multiple videos to increase engagement and excitement throughout the participating schools and the communities that surrounds them.Anyone can surely see how exciting the One District, One Book programs are!

Mr. Casseri kicks off the video series with his canine friends!


Students participate in a preview video for Charlotte’s Web. 


Mrs. Rodriguez and Ralph create excitement for The Mouse and The Motorcycle! 


Miss. Metz and Mrs. Zielinski encourage students to vote for their choice of book!


The big reveal! Starring Wilbur and Ralph themselves!


You Want the King Midas Special

In the spirit of the New Year, let’s reflect on the great work done by Bolivar Elementary School during their first One School, One Book  initiative, launched back in October 2017.

The school, located in Chittenango, New York, read The Chocolate Touch by Patrick Skene Catling.

Mr. Martin reading ‘The Chocolate Touch’ at Darlene’s Kitchen.

A play on the classic tale of King Midas, who’s cursed touch turned everything to gold, The Chocolate Touch is about John Midas who falls under the same afflictions, but with chocolate. This quickly becomes anything but sweet for John, as his new found power begins to negatively affect his life, and health.

Bolivar Elementary set up a website to accompany their OSOB initiative (click here). The website contains a blog with reading comprehension questions, read along videos with members of the community, including many teachers, police officers, and the Mayor of Chittenango. The website also boasts a page with resources for healthy life choices, going right along with the negative health impacts John experiences in the book. Also available on the site were games for the students to play, as well as a photo gallery highlighting the event at the school.

 The principle, Ms. Burgess, Sam H.; a football player, and Officer Nourse read aloud from the book.

Even Mayor Keville reads along in a video! 

Bolivar Elementary’s website is a shining example of the school- and community-wide effects that come with Read to Them’s One School, One Book initiatives. The community even celebrated the event at a local restaurant, Darlene’s Kitchen, that featured a “John Midas Special” in honor of the book!


      Members of the community eating at Darlene’s Kitchen.


Students try to guess the book they will be reading during the festivities leading up to the big book reveal!

A local grocery store with a The Chocolate Touch themed display.

Congratulations to Bolivar Elementary on their first incredibly successful One School, One Book initiative – a shining example to us all!